Anyone with Substantial amount of money their bank account will not get FG’s N20,000 cash transfer

Mr. Femi Falana SAN has said that the Federal Government has said that anyone who has up to N200,000 in their bank account will not be entitled to the cash transfer of N20,000 which is a stimuli the government plans to help the citizenry as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world.
Falana in an interview with the Tribune of Nigeria said that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari with all the stimuli failed to address the problems confronting Nigerians.

He said: ‘ Having failed to address any of the problems confronting the people, the government has carelessly lost the popular goodwill.
Because of official alienation from the people, the federal and state governments imposed the lockdown without any arrangement for the poor and the vulnerable people as well as daily income earners.
At the time it dawned on governments that inncentives had to be provided, there were no reliable data to work with.
The fact that governments did not provide adequate information, the erroneous impression was given that everybody was entitled to the incentives.
For instance, the federal government has just stated that anyone who has up to N200,000 in their bank account will not be entitled to the cash transfer of N20,000.
I am aware that based on the abuse of the distrubution of the incentives the Lagos State government has been compelled to review the entire policy.
It is hoped that the crisis will compel the federal and state governments to learn to take governance much more seriously.:TRACK NEWS. NG

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