These wedding pics will make you laugh so hard

Wedding ceremonies are joyful ceremonies, and they are a one in a lifetime occasion for most people. So you should enjoy it when it comes. However some people take it to the extreme, or are just so angry that they are getting married.

I bring you the most funny wedding pictures that will make you laugh without stopping.

1. This husband is brutal. Na which kind punishment be this?

2. When you dream of marrying C. Ronaldo and end up marrying Rick Ross.

3. When your husband is a professional tailor.

4. Our daily bread. Why spend #20,000 on cake when you can spend #2000 on bread.

5. Chai! This one off me.

6. When you never fall down from tree before, you go think say you be judge of the jungle.

7. No be small thing. This guy na senior man.

8. Madam you strong o! You wan swallow the guy?

9. Man U for life.

10. Another gbedu wey dey burst brain.

11. When you got your swagger on full attack.

12. Guy kill me. Where you learn work?

13. Na celebration of love or hate?

14. What’s going on here?

I hope you enjoyed the collection.

Which picture is your best? Comment to let us know.

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