Breaking News: Prophet Daniel Ogharandukun Ololo the Founder of Omega Prophetic Prayer Ministry (OPPM). Offers Gifts To Sapele


on the 16th of April 2020, due to the lockdown of COVID19 Pandemic, A charity exercise was carried out early today by Prophet Daniel Ogharandukun Ololo the Founder of Omega Prophetic Prayer Ministry (OPPM).

Yesterday he made it clear to the people of Sapele/Amukpe, that he will be coming to his church premises today in giving out of food stuffs and cash to the widows, disables , needy and aged ones. On getting to the church premises he was surprised seeing the crowd already awaiting for him. He was looking at everyone with a beautiful smile, as he screamed to heaven with a song of praise, the crowd sang along with him and happy to see him today.

He teaches them on how to stay safe from the COVID19 Pandemic, after distributing the items and cash to the crowd he prayed and blessed everyone that have received from him today.

In his speech he also said that we should practice whatever we preach just like our Lord Jesus Christ, being a giver and blessings to nations, he said an hungry man is an hangry man.

In addition he advice everyone to follow the instructions given by the government that COVID19 is real and dangerous.

Prophet Daniel Ogharandukun Ololo

Watch the video below!

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