Breaking News: Adamawa State Government imposes lockdown for another 14 days


After recording the first index case of Corona virus Adamawa state set to go on another 14 day’s lock down.

On the press release of the governor amadu umaru fintiri which he stated that the lockdown will be effective from 11:59 pm 24th April 2020.

Below is the press release;

The Adamawa State Government has imposed a lockdown throughout the State for another period of fourteen (14) days with effect from midnight Friday April 24th 2020 and to end on Friday midnight 8th May 2020.

Painful as the decision is, it is the aftermath of the First COVID-19 index case recorded in the State through a returnee from Kano.

The Adamawa State Government is therefore left with no option than to go for lockdown in the overall interest of saving lives and to contain the spread.

Government has successfully commenced contacts tracing and testing which will be followed by isolation and treatment of positive cases.

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri appeals for the cooperation and understanding of the people, insisting that despite the hardship this will entail, there is no alternative to the latest lockdown, in view of the fact that COVID-19 which has no cure, is spreading like a wild fire in the dry season, throughout the country.

Movement and gatherings in whatever form are prohibited throughout the period, except for those on verifiable essential duty such as Security, Media, Health and Water Board Personnel, while Financial Institutions like Banks, will operate skeletal services. Others in this category include pharmaceuticals, and those selling food items only.

Government will not allow the irresponsibility of a few to lead to the death of many. It however appeals to citizens to embrace the rudiments of basic hygiene like regular hand washing with soap, sanitizers where obtainable, social distancing and use of face masks.

In furtherance of the Executive Order backing this lockdown, a mobile court will be set-up to try and prosecute offenders.

According to Governor Fintiri, “we must all act together and willingly give up our personal freedom in exchange for our collective survival from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pains we must all endure are only the unintended consequences of Government’s commitment to save the lives of every citizen”

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