MIXTAPE: Independence Day Arewa Mixtape [By 360Hausa]

MIXTAPE: Independence Day Arewa Mixtape [By 360Hausa]

This Ultimate Dj Mixtape was meant to promote Talent of Northern (Arewa) Musicians that possessed incredible music professionalism. Independence day Arewa Mixtape contains Good and exceptional Songs that got unbelievable lyrics and high quality production.

This Mixtape was professionally organized into Two part, First part Contains Hausa Rap Music and Second part After FREEBEAT for break, it’s Afro Jams. Believe me This Mixtape was meant to create sense of unity into northern music and to send signal that what ever is needed in music Arewa musicians have it.

Happy Independence Day To all Nigerians As we all get 60 Years of independence after a Long colonial Rule.

Let’s Support Good music by sharing commenting. God Bless Our Country, Nigeria. God Bless Arewa and it’s people.

MIXTAPE: Independence Day Arewa Mixtape [By 360Hausa]


Intro. By Dj Sampler
  1. Boc Madaki – sir Abubakar
  2. Mickey Deviper – Yan Uku x LsVee x Mai Dawah
  3. MalikFresh – Saura Kiris
  4. Nexcezz – Man of The Year
  5. Martino El casino – Shike nan
  6. M I Artist – Minti 1 Kawai
  7. Mr. Genius – Jijjiga kai x Leel Wheez x Mubson Zamani
  8. Mr.Elxee – Break up
  9. Dj Cinch – T.H.R x Boc Madaki
  10. Freezlinks – Ba Fasawa
  11. Mubreeck – Kudi Ke Magana
  12. Ricqy Ultra – Hardwork pays
  13. DM – Bani da Case
  14. Lil Khalee – Tashin Kai x Dj Nass X STK
  15. Deezell – Banaji X Dj AB
  16. Sarkin Fada – Rap Phenomenon
  17. Shadow – Nace Bah
  18. 3Kings – Dabo Daprof X AB Kapon X Hazzy Dstar
  19. Prince A – BaBah X Waige bibo
  20. ClassiQ – Ina Suke x Young K
  21. I.S.B – F.R.I.T.N
  22. T-Flow – Eh Yane x Lil Pee x Mickey Deviper
  23. Uniquepikin – Bahaushiya x Sarkin Fada
  24. Mr Au – Maye
  25. Shadow – A Kapta x Don One
  26. Starlex – Hustle
  27. Holyblinz – Kauce x Mr. Nabz Sarki
  28. RapKing – Soyayya x Cynthia
  29. BeeIce – Monster
  30. Fresh Emir – Letter to Mr President
  31. FREEBEAT – Break
  32. Di’ja – Yaraye Iye
  33. Mark Mighty – Mai Shayi
  34. 1P – Party for Two x Elmore
  35. MSD – Balango
  36. Don R – Let them Say
  37. Slaykid Arewa – Rabuwa Dake
  38. Dj Speysh – Voltage X Whimz C x Rex Dandy x Elevesean
  39. Young K – Ta Fashe
  40. M Nass – Wrong Number x Sonikman
  41. Enesi Jay – Wayo
  42. Fresh Emir – Kin Gama
  43. Ajax Yepo – Pon Pin
  44. Madox – 080
  45. YP CELE x Mozento – No
  46. Dj Asp – Dai Dai x Mubson 30 x Lil Yusuf x SBK
  47. Chizo jay – Super star x Halaal
  48. Axam – Fire
  49. YK Designer – Fatana
  50. Ali Boss – My Country (Kasata)





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